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Localization for 500 Developer Teams: An overview of bespoke enterprise platforms to unify content input formats

We have found a gap in existing localization automation, a hole in the market that none of the ready-made translation management systems cover. Developers create software as they like, and they rarely follow a single internationalization standard. That’s why localization groups that support not just one but 40, 100, or even 500 dev groups in an enterprise receive content in a staggering variety of formats and specifications. In such a complex scenario, the content needs to be standardized and prepared before it can go into an automated scenario, and no ready system can deal with this level of complexity. 


Independently of each other, three enterprise directors of localization — at Intuit, Yandex and Gameforge, have built in-house middleware platforms. These proprietary systems unify input formats for both software and documentation, add the ability to support for 3-7 levels of file filtering 


Join us this webinar to get an overview of these platforms, to understand the pre-requisites that led to their development, and to brainstorm with the experts on how the localization industry can address this challenge in the future.


Your Hosts:
Konstantin Dranch, localization industry researcher
Rikkert Engels, CEO at Xillio

Lucio Gutiérrez, Chief Globalization Architect at Intuit
Sarah Beuter, Head of Localization at Gameforge
Svetlana Kayushina, Head of Documentation and Localization department at Yandex


This is an expert-level online meeting with technical content that will be useful for solution architects, product owners in TMS companies, localization and globalization architects in enterprise companies, and other professionals who face complex and diverse localization requirements. The attendee list will be curated, pre-register to attend.


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