Free Website UX Testing with LocHub Insights

In a headless CMS world with multiple languages, you must test your website. LocHub Insights is purpose-built for companies with headless CMS systems and local websites in 2 or more languages. To get started, we need your website url and contact details - this will kick off the process to run your free test. Within 24 hours (or next business day), you will receive an email from us to schedule a call to review the results via LocHub Insights. You get:

  1. Dashboard with consolidated global website metrics
  2. Detailed metrics on your global content, website link quality, page content, translation consistency, and translation errors
  3. A short discussion with a LocHub Insights web analytics expert to help you analyze data and identify website UX issues
  4. A personalized link to get you started with a free 2 -week trial of LocHub Insights