Take the worry out of product launches, simultaneous shipment processes, and global brand announcements

Empowering Global Content and Localization Strategies

Key success factors of a successful globalization strategy are a powerful, personalized message, compelling, localized content, and reliable, secure, automated content management and publishing processes.

Consumers are 55% more likely to purchase from companies who create personalized customer journeys through websites which engage with them in their own language. And with Google's updated search algorithms focused on content intent, context, and quality, that visitor may not even reach your page if your website contains translation mistakes, multilingual content misalignment, and other localization errors. This can be devastating for global brands with customer-centric localization requirements and time-sensitive simultaneous shipment processes.

Click on the image to find error

Click on the image to find error

LocHub takes the worry out of global product launches, brand announcements, translation, and other content localization processes by adding testing to your global content publishing process. You will receive real-time insights into all of your global properties to help you fix content quality and SEO issues - increasing SEO performance, improving conversion of marketing assets, and enabling you to continuously improve content workflows.

In addition to the QA Insights testing tool, LocHub also includes the ability to create reliable, secure, and friction-free processes to manage content localization and publishing for websites outside of your home market.

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Content Globalization Strategy for the Automotive Industry

Time to market, global alignment, and customer experience - for the automotive industry, marketing professionals, product managers, and brand managers must consider these three critical factors when planning product launches and marketing campaigns. Simultaneous shipment processes manage the concurrent distribution for all target markets of localized content for new vehicle launches or consumer information (automotive manuals, vehicle updates, recalls). A primary objective of simultaneous marketing campaigns and product announcements is to ensure that translation and publishing processes are synchronized. The goal: accelerate time to market, outpace the competition, deliver a friction-free, exciting customer experience.

LocHub takes the worry out of simultaneous shipment processes, product launches, and brand announcements by helping you to ensure the effectiveness, quality, and reliability of your complex content workflows. Get in touch with our team to learn how LocHub can help you accelerate your time to market, deliver a quality experience, and drive better ROI.


Content Globalization Strategies for Medical & Pharmaceutical Firms

In the healthcare, medical devices, and pharmaceutical industries, two key values drive content globalization strategies: Quality and Trust.

For a seamless execution of your strategy, a high-quality customer experience and consistent digital presence across all of your web properties is key to delivering brand quality and trust. Webpages that contain incorrect localized content, orphaned pages, mixed-language content, missing subject matter, and broken links deliver a poor customer experience and erode brand trust.

LocHub provides the industry's only localization testing tool, together with a set of flexible, robust content management tools, to help you provide an excellent customer experience and build that trust from the first visit to your website.


Content Globalization Strategy for Consumer & Business Electronics

In today's agile and fast-paced electronic industry, product releases are typically managed via simultaneous shipment processes to ensure global product and brand consistency. This can be a challenge when managing product launches for multiple brands distributed and sold in multiple countries. Delays can be costly, with the risk that staggered product launches impact customer purchasing cycles and devalue local inventories.

Why is this a business-critical process for consumer and business electronics? 55% of global consumers report that they purchase products only from websites with content in their native language.

For marketing and product management professionals who manage product lines in the electronics industry, the goal is to minimize content translation and publishing errors that can potentially impact the buying cycle. Use the QA Insights localization testing tool in your website devops process before you publish to your local websites, ensuring high-quality, error-free content. Get in touch with our team to explore how LocHub can help you manage complexity and ensure your future release processes are built to meet and exceed market demands and consumer expectations.