LocHub QA Insights: Go Global With Confidence

Industry-First Localization QA Tool

Identify Quick Website Fixes
Increase ROI of Multilingual SEO
Improve Localization Effectiveness

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QA Insights is the industry's first AI-powered localization tool for testing multilingual content before publishing and for real-time monitoring of localized content on every global webpage, in every language.

QA Insights delivers dashboards and analytics that surface translation inconsistencies, website errors, and localization mistakes that occur during the translation and publishing process. The QA Insights scoreboard surfaces quick wins to help improve localization effectiveness, with reporting tools to track continuous improvement. Using QA Insights to quickly find localization improvements delivers real-time benefits in better SEO performance and higher visitor engagement. 

As the newest addition to LocHub's portfolio of website optimization solutions, QA Insights helps organizations increase both the effectiveness and ROI of their localization processes - enabling you and your team to go global with confidence. Get in touch with our team to learn more.

80% of all web domains with more than 10,000 pages and 5+ localized websites generate 200 new errors each week

Localization Inconsistencies & Technical Errors on Global Websites

Poor Multilingual SEO Performance & Negative Brand Experience for Website Visitors

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Do You Need A New Approach For Your Multilingual SEO Strategy?

Content Inconsistencies and Website Errors
Impact Google's Search Algorithm and Hurt SEO Rankings

Global SEO strategies achieve their best results when multilingual web properties are free of errors and mistakes. 

Google’s search algorithms boost visibility and promote content based on a search query's intent and context: therefore, the accuracy of content and quality of all global web properties are important factors in determining ranking and surfacing results.

But with increasingly shorter cycles for global brand campaigns and complex simultaneous shipment launch processes, organizations are increasingly sacrificing speed for quality with localization. And in many companies, there is no clear ownership of the testing process within multilingual content publishing cycles.

As a result, localization errors are often only visible after publication. The outcome: many marketing professionals have been unpleasantly surprised by lower Google rankings – often because of hard-to-find technical errors and multilingual content mistakes on localized websites.

Use QA Insights to Improve Your Localization Processes BEFORE Publishing and for Monitoring Continuous Updates

Localization Managers can fix translation errors before digital content is published on local websites.

Website Ops Managers can easily add QA testing to digital publishing processes.

Content Marketing Managers can streamline the translation process and accelerate time-to-launch for global brand campaigns and product launches.

QA Insights works with your existing marketing technology stack
No integration, no IT configuration required.

SEO Managers can be confident that digital web content is tracked accurately, improving search results and boosting SEO performance.

Marketing Executives can drive positive brand experiences, increase website conversions, and execute their globalization strategy with confidence.

Get globalization insights to boost your localization ROI

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