Webinar: Global Product Launch for QA Insights

We are proud to introduce LocHub QA Insights - an innovative, industry-first QA testing and monitoring tool for global content publishing!

Wednesday, February 24th
16.00 CET, 15.00 GMT, 9.00 EST
Duration: 30 Minutes + Q& A

Join the webinar to learn how QA Insights helps global marketers improve the quality and consistency of localized content, while at the same time reducing costs for global content publishing and accelerating time-to-market for global product launches and brand announcements. We will highlight a critical gap in today's global content publishing processes - and why this has a negative impact on both visitor conversion rates and the ROI of your marketing assets.

Our team will also share the outcome of our global website quality audit for the following industries: automotive, software, electronics, and medical services. Learn why 80% of all global websites have 200 or more new errors each week - and see live examples from our audit.

For marketing professionals and agency managers: how does your or your client's website rank in our global quality audit? How can you fix gaps in your multilingual publishing processes, reduce costs and errors, and ensure continuous quality for published websites?

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