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Mixed language text in a single page is the #1 error on global websites, and it's driving away your customers.  The more languages and pages your site has, the more likely you are to have these critical issues.  How can you find and fix these issues?

HB Fuller website mistakes final V1
Uber wesbite image_final V1

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First multilingual UX and SEO testing tool for a headless CMS

The shift to a headless CMS is impacting localization workflows, leading to inconsistencies and errors on local websites. The #1 error is publishing mixed language text on a single webpage. Why does this happen? Because current localization automation is struggling to catch up with headless CMS technology. The result is damaged SEO and a poor digital visitor experience despite your efforts to provide high-quality texts.  LocHub Insights finds these errors and helps eliminate them at their source.  

LocHub Insights is platform-agnostic and can be added to any marketing tech stack.  To start using it, all we need is your URL and a bit of time to audit the entire site.  You can sit back and relax while we do the work. Depending on the size of your site, this process can take anywhere from two hours to three days to complete. Then, we'll get back to you with the results and explain your next steps. 

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Mixed language error examples

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Nintendo mixed language error
Mixed German and English languages on Nintendo's service page for German-speaking clients
AstraZeneca mixed language error
Mixed text in Spanish and English on AsztraZeneca's Spanish website
GoPro mixed language text
GoPro German website displays copyright policy in English