Easily manage your WordPress Translation Workflow

Easily translate Sitecore CMS content

with LocHub Sitecore Connector

Save time and eliminate human errors

Want to make your Sitecore website content fully multilingual? Want to elimate human error and speed up the translation process doing so? Xillio’s LocHub Sitecore connector is the technology you are looking for!

Our Sitecore connector gives site owners and content managers the power to easily translate Sitecore CMS content and build a multilingual website(s). Thanks to the connector, content managers can select the content they want to send off for translation directly from within the Sitecore interface. They can send the content to any Language Service Provider (LSP) or to Machine Translation (MT). This automated translation workflow results in time savings and an elimination of human errors.

How does it work?

After the connector configuration (which required minimal developer skills), LocHub pulls content from Sitecore, allowing content managers to easily select the Sitecore content that needs to be translated, set the automation rules and send it for translation to any LSP or directly to MT.

sitecore-pngTranslated content are returned automatically, can be reviewed and published in bulk, or one-by-one.

Key Advantages

Watch in action?

We're currently working very hard to create a video to demonstrate how to translate Sitecore content with LocHub and its Sitecore connector. 

Sitecore Connector Screenshot Wordpress

Installation prerequisites:

  • Installation of LocHub
  • Configuration of Sitecore connector                       

Supported versions:

  • Version 9.1 and higher                                            

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