Increase Employee Productivity. Deliver Higher Quality Outcomes. Delight Your Clients.

Faster Turnaround Times. Higher Employee Productivity. Lower Project Costs.

For Agency Client Managers and Team Leaders, these are often target goals for client projects. Getting this mix right with your content localization and publishing tasks is key for on-time, on-budget delivery of global website projects. At the same time, delivering error-free website content and higher quality output will place you in pole position to boost client satisfaction, guarantee better project outcomes, and win more business.

However, as many agency managers know first-hand, content publishing projects are often error-prone due to lack of cohesion, reliable quality control, and visibility across publishing workflows. Multiple iterations of master content can cause downstream localization errors and bottlenecks.

Agency teams often don't see final content until it is published on local websites, relying on in-country marketing managers to surface translation and technical mistakes. The result: cost overruns, missed deadlines, and unhappy customers.


A Localization Testing Tool for Content Publishing Workflows:
Your Key to a High-Quality, On-time Successful Project Delivery


QA Insights is a must-have quality assurance testing tool for content localization and publishing workflows, providing the missing QA step for automated multilingual website publishing processes.

And best of all - QA Insights runs alongside your existing digital experience platform and marketing technology stack, without needing to replace or remove existing software.

Win New Projects, Delight Your Customers

Even before the start of their projects, savvy client managers are using QA Insights to proactively highlight the value their agency can bring to both prospective clients and long-time customers. Detailed dashboards and reports surface hard-to-find errors and translation mistakes with published content which can hurt SEO performance and result in poor user experience. And with QA Insight's critical testing step, you can close the QA loop among all stakeholders in the publishing process - from LSP or translation agency to marketing services agency to customer - delivering high-quality, on-budget, on-time outcomes for your clients for each and every project.

Interested in adding our critical testing tool and its key quality assurance step to your agency's content publishing projects? Get in touch with our LocHub QA Insights experts to learn more.

Guarantee Better Accuracy Rates and Higher Quality Content for Content Publishing Projects

Lower Project Costs, Boost Client Satisfaction, and Win New Business