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Global Website Testing for Better UX and SEO

Your Essential Website UX Testing Tool for Automated Localization Workflows

Delivering A High-Quality Digital Experience

Content Marketing Managers are at the front lines of developing and executing a winning global content strategy that delivers personalized customer journeys and a unified customer experience across all brands, in all markets. And with increasing expectations for seamless digital experiences, today’s consumers are more discerning than ever before with their loyalty - expecting personalized, localized engagement and a high-quality experience every time they visit your website.

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Mistakes with content localization and friction in publishing processes can delay product launches - leading to poor customer experiences and lost revenue.

As a global marketing professional, the challenge of meeting these high expectations of consumers in multiple markets has likely kept you awake more than a few nights. With a myriad of marketing tech platforms, multiple iterations of your content and marketing assets, and asynchronous processes, you likely have complex localization and publishing workflows – all with potential friction points, skills or resource gaps, and often coordination issues with internal colleagues or external agencies or contractors. This makes it challenging to gain real-time insights into website mistakes, quickly fix content and SEO errors, and improve content-centric processes.

Works With Your Existing Marketing Tech Stack

LocHub’s trusted solutions boost the effectiveness of your content strategy and enable friction-free processes that help you deliver personalized, high-value marketing assets and key brand messages every time a customer visits your website. And best of all, you don’t need to upgrade or change technology to get started – LocHub Insights works seamlessly with your existing marketing technology stack and all digital experience platforms.

Test global content before you publish

Gain real-time insights into website mistakes

Reduce content localization errors

Improve SEO metrics

Boost ROI of marketing assets

Increase website conversions

Improve Content Globalization Processes

By including localization testing as a key step in your global content publishing process, LocHub helps you seamlessly synchronize content across multiple markets and improve complex simultaneous shipment processes for global product launches and brand announcements.