Take Guesswork Out

Add Global Website UX Testing to Automated Localization Workflows

Complex. Interactive. Time-sensitive. Error-prone. This is how many marketing professionals describe automated localization processes, often which involve multiple iterations of master content and are prone to translation mistakes, coordination errors, bottlenecks, and other friction. As a localization manager or marketing professional who oversees complex, multilingual translation and localization workflows, you likely manage all or part of an end-to-end process that includes multiple touchpoints with translation coordinators in various roles. However, until now, marketers and agencies have struggled to gain effective, accurate, 360º oversight into “work-in-progress” content and have lacked localization testing tools. As a result, mistakes are often noticed only when the final content is published.


Introducing LocHub Insights – the industry's first global website UX testing tool for automated localization workflows and headless CMS environments. Add LocHub Insights to your website operations testing process to find and fix errors that occur during multilingual content publishing processes. Insights' real-time analytics and powerful dashboards surface localization mistakes on your global websites, in all urls, in all languages. Because Insights can query both staging servers and production environments, it visualizes localized content as it appears in the context of your web properties - eliminating guesswork, accelerating workflows, and catching localization errors before content is published. And best of all – you don’t need to change your marketing tech stack or digital experience platform to get started: Insights works with virtually every platform.

Insights Enables Localization Managers to Deliver Better Value to Business Stakeholders

For Enterprise Localization Managers

Test localized content to surface errors and mistakes on staging servers before the content is published. Ensure brand excellence and deliver high-quality customer experiences with global product launches and campaigns.

For Translation Managers

View translated content in context, gain better insight on work-in-progress, catch upstream translation mistakes early. Improve workflow efficiency, realize faster project completion times, and improve overall translation quality.

For Agencies and Client Managers

Improve task and project management with better insight into content iterations and proactively identify potential errors and bottlenecks. Deliver high-quality, fast project results and delight your clients.

For Country Marketing Managers

Test and improve quality of new web content, fix translation mistakes & hard-to-find technical errors. Increase efficiency of asynchronous content workflows so you can continuously improve your website.

Guarantee High Quality and Error-Free Content Across All Global Websites

Global product launches

Simultaneous shipment processes

Brand Announcements

Corporate News and PR Updates

Website updates & refresh campaigns

Improve ROI of Your Content Globalization Strategy

Our global website UX testing tool delivers actionable data and near-real-time analytics to help you and your localization team eliminate publishing errors, improve quality and effectiveness of global content, and increase visitor conversions. LocHub Insights provides a window for all stakeholders – internal and external – who are involved with localization and translation projects, helping to identify and fix errors, pinpoint bottlenecks, and remove inefficiencies in global content publishing processes. Insights is part of the LocHub suite, delivering robust, secure localization and translation solutions for public and private sector organizations, marketing agencies, and LSPs. LocHub has partnerships with over 80 global translation agencies, connectors to most major content management systems, and industry-leading technical expertise from over 250 projects around the globe.

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