Boost Value and ROI of SEO

Mistakes hurt SEO. QA Insights helps keep global websites error-free and boosts ROI of SEO strategies.

Free Your Multilingual Content From Errors

Global SEO strategies achieve their best results when multilingual web properties are free of errors and mistakes. But did you know that over 80% of all web domains with 5+ localized websites generate 200 new errors each week, including translation errors, content localization mistakes, empty pages, and broken links? The most common source of these errors is due to friction and mistakes in automated content localization and publishing workflows.

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In addition, Google’s search algorithm continuously updates its AI-powered search engine parameters to boost visibility and promote content based on keyword analysis but also the intent and context of a search query. As Google’s objective is to match search results with the actual intent of the query, this means that the context of the content, the value of the content (informative, accurate), and quality of the domain are key factors in determining ranking and surfacing results. As a result, many SEO professionals have been unpleasantly surprised by lower Google rankings – often because of hidden website errors or hard-to-find content localization and publishing mistakes which impact website quality and credibility.

Boost Value and ROI of SEO

LocHub QA Insights searches and uncovers hidden website issues, translation errors, localization mistakes, and content inconsistencies by providing near-real-time information about your global website properties. This 360º helicopter view provides valuable data and multi-level insights into all pages across all websites – for example, ranking errors according to severity (low, medium, high) and highlighting every mistake in every global webpage across all domains and subdomains, regardless of language.

Surface and fix website errors

Reduce complexity of website audits

Improve visitor experience

Drive better website conversions

Increase ROI of SEO strategies

Fixing Gaps and Removing Friction in Content Publishing Workflows

LocHub QA Insights sits at the core of your multilingual publishing process and technology stack, improving the effectiveness of both the integration and workflows across these three platforms. And best of all – you don’t need to change or replace any software or app to start realizing the benefits of QA Insights: it works directly with your existing marketing tech stack or digital experience platform.

Fix website errors, help boost SEO results, and deliver a seamless, error-free digital experience.