Global Website UX Testing and Monitoring Tool For Headless CMS Environments

Why Automated Localization Workflows Are Unreliable 

Are you running automated localization workflows integrated with a headless CMS? If so, there is a 90%+ chance of finding mistakes on your global websites. Like web pages with mixed language text. A local website with content that isn't relevant for the region (e.g., on product, HR, or legal pages). Blank pages, broken links, and other page errors. Translation inconsistencies, localization mistakes, and technical errors like these occur every day and hurt global website UX.

What is Missing? 

Most global content publishing processes miss two critical steps: (1) testing multilingual content before it is published, and (2) continuous quality and accuracy checks of content on live, local websites. 

There are two main problems. First, multiple stakeholders are involved in global publishing processes (e.g., project owner, localization manager, translation agent, website ops team). However, no single stakeholder owns the responsibility of testing translated content before it is published. Therefore, testing is often a manual or ad-hoc part of the process, with mistakes surfacing after content is live. 



The second issue: integration between automated localization workflows and headless CMS environments just doesn't work the way it should.        LocHub solves both problems. 

UX Testing and Monitoring Tool for Multilingual Websites

As digital experience platforms are becoming headless, there are simply too many moving parts on a website for existing translation automation processes to properly work. Testing the consistency of translation between the CMS and website is essential to avoid UX-impacting errors. LocHub Insights is the industry's first global website UX testing and monitoring tool for Web DevOps teams to improve automated translation workflows, including multilingual content publishing processes for local websites.
LocHub's open technology architecture enables website operations teams to seamlessly integrate Insights as a SaaS solution into their deployment pipeline. For staging server environments, Insights provides a view into global content assets during creation, testing, and acceptance stages, finding errors before content is published. For live environments, Insights enables continuous monitoring of all global websites and subdomains, delivering real-time analytics that surface errors caused by automated translation workflows. Working together, LocHub Insights and Orchestrate are purpose-built to solve issues and simplify translation processes that arise in multilingual headless CMS environments. 

Delivering Value To Localization Processes

LocHub Insights removes friction in both upstream and downstream processes. Time-sensitive, high-visibility projects - such as global brand announcements or product releases - often have multiple iterations of master content, complex localization requirements, and strict publishing timelines. By quickly surfacing translation and localization errors in the testing stage, marketing teams can validate and correct mistakes before content is published – reducing project costs and saving time. Insights' real-time analytics help you boost page rankings and continuously improve SEO performance - increasing visitor traffic, improving website UX, and delivering a better ROI from your marketing assets.

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