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LocHub QA Insights: Managing Global Content

LocHub QA Insights provides a 360º view of your global web properties and surfaces automation, localization, and publishing errors and inconsistencies with multilingual content in real-time. This enables you to test content before it is published and quickly fix issues resulting from content localization, improve the quality of your website assets, and increase SEO performance.

LocHub QA Insights works with your existing marketing tech stack to help marketing professionals and translation agencies improve the effectiveness of their publishing process for global content - leading to a better visitor experience, higher ROI from marketing assets, improved lead quality, and a higher velocity of lead conversions.


Localization Testing Tool for Global Content Publishing

Ask your software developers, who will confirm that they would never go live with a new software application without first running the application against their preferred tool to test and validate new code. However, many localization project managers have a "publish and pray" approach due to a lack of time and tools to validate multilingual content before it is published on local websites. Issues in rendering content, including limited access rights to staging environments, create problems downstream for local website operators and marketing managers - including inconsistency in translations, page content, and technical errors.

QA Insights is the only localization tool for website operators, DevOps/ IT QA managers, and content marketing managers which provides a quality check for global content publishing. Adding multilingual testing is a must-do - and now with LocHub QA Insights, it is possible. Get started today by including the LocHub QA Insights tool as part of your website's publishing process today - all without needing to install new software or change your marketing tech stack. Learn how you can get started right now, for free.

Packed with added value for:

Global Content Marketing Managers

Improve effectiveness in managing global content automation, localization, and publishing. Increase lead conversions and generate higher ROI of marketing activities

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SEO Experts

Reduce content errors and inconsistencies on localized websites. Improve SEO performance, lead quality, and website visits.

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Content Localization Managers

Quickly highlight content localization errors and inconsistencies. Fix automation mistakes, improve effectiveness of global content publishing workflows.

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Marketing and translation agencies

Accelerate content localization processes and reduce web content publishing errors. Increase effectiveness, use agency resources better, improve client response time.

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Website Operations

On-demand & daily reports help improve quality and continuity of global websites.

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Add LocHub QA Insights as a stand-alone SaaS solution within your existing marketing technology stack. Our unique testing tool helps you quickly discover hard-to-find errors, hidden mistakes, and site inconsistencies that contribute to lower SEO performance and poor visitor experience. Get your report today - it’s easy and free to start.


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To extend the efficiency and improve the effectiveness of your global web content publishing process, learn more about LocHub's global content management suite.

Improve Brand Experience, Accelerate Time to Market

You never get a second chance to make a first impression - this advice is top of mind for global content marketers, brand managers, and product managers. But with today's product cycles accelerating at greater speeds and the need for near real-time content automation and publishing, this reality is also what keeps global marketing professionals awake at night.

Frequent content changes or master template updates can be out of sync with translation and localization processes, leading to content mistakes, errors, and hard-to-find inconsistencies on local websites - especially with time-sensitive product launches and brand updates. Let LocHub take the worry out of your product launch by delivering real-time global web insights, removing friction in your localization processes, and improving control over global content management.




Streamline launch process for new vehicles, improve updates of automotive guides and consumer information.

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Medical & Pharmaceutical

Reduce website errors, improve content quality, and web visitor experience. Enhance brand trust and confidence. 

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Consumer & Business Electronics

Fix localization issues, improve your product launch process. Increase SEO performance, boost user experience on e-commerce sites. 

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Ready to improve ROI from your marketing content & boost SEO performance?

LocHub Insights gives you near real-time data on your global web properties - perfect for marketing professionals who manage content publishing workflows for multilingual websites. All for free.

For deeper insights into how to improve translation and localization processes and to improve global content automation and publishing workflows, we'd love to speak with you.

Our team has deep content management expertise in working with over 250 enterprises, government and public sector organizations, hospitals and medical facilities, and universities around the globe and experience with all CMS platforms and systems. Learn more →