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LocHub Connector Portal

A better way to translate

About LocHub Connector Portal 

The LocHub Connector Portal is an integration platform with a CMS connector framework that takes complexity and costs out of translation processes by automating the translation roundtrip – from client CMS to LSP and back. LocHub Connector Portal includes 17 pre-built connectors, together with an easy API for custom integrations. LocHub Connector Portal takes out the complexity and costs of localization processes for enterprise and public sector organizations, helps LSPs and translation agencies deliver better value to clients, and improves CMS user experience.

How it works 

The technology that powers LocHub Connector Portal isn’t new – our background is 17+ successful years providing software and services for content migrations from virtually every content management platform, including CMS, PIM, DAM and ECM systems. And our years of project experience enable us to look differently at translation workflowsBy taking out unnecessary steps, simplifying tasks and building out-of-the-box connectors, we streamline the translation roundtrip by connecting your CMS (or any content management platform) directly to your LSP 


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All you need to do is log into your portal, select “content and automation criteria and the content. Your content - in any format, from any system – is on its way to your translation provider and, when translated, it will be routed back directly to their originating content management system. It’s that easy.  

How to get started 

It’s easy to get started: no coding is needed, and our CMS connectors are free. Choose from 17 out-of-the-box connectors.  

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more to come


If you don’t see the one you are looking for, contact us to connect to your preferred system (we have experience connecting documents and files from virtually every platform, so we’ve got you covered). Interested in learning more?