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Adobe Experience Manager plugin for localization

Independent AEM Translation Plug-in

Send translations to LSP or TMS of your choice

AEM translation automation

One of the major challenges of the translation industry is the interchange of data between different systems that are involved in the translation process, plugin for Adobe Experience Manager translationfor example from Adobe Experience Manager to TMS.

Xillio LocHub was created to help automate multilingual content delivery processes between CMS and TMS, so your content can be FREE to be localized in the best way possible for your business.

Use LSP/TMS of your choice

LocHub AEM translation plug-in enables AEM users to manage and deploy multilingual web contents directly within the AEM environment. The integration is pre-built and can be installed with minimal IT knowledge. As we integrate LocHub into your AEM version, there is no need to log into another system, you and your teams can experience a swift, seamless and controlled translation process.

LocHub AEM translation plugin allows you to send translations to the LSP or TMS of your choice.


How does it work?

In this video, we show how the LocHub AEM translation plug-in helps content teams to accelerate turnaround times for translation content. In an AEM demo environment we show how easy it is to create translation jobs, and send, retrieve, review and publish translations as well as managing the whole process.  

Video Xillio LocHub Adobe Experience Manager plug-in

Installation prerequisites:

  • Have Xillio AEM plug-in ready to install             

Supported versions:

  • At least AEM 6.2 or higher                                     

More information:


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