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Browse the Marketplace to look for providers with an advanced automation story giving you new options and innovations. 

LocHub Marketplace Amplexor


AMPLEXOR is the world’s leading partner for enterprise content lifecycles.

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LocHub Marketplace RWS Moravia

RWS Moravia 

RWS Moravia is a leading globalization solutions provider, enabling global companies to enter new markets with high-quality multilingual products and services.

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LocHub Marketplace United Language Group

United Language Group

As a language solutions partner built on quality processes and linguistic expertise, ULG is one of the world’s largest and most innovative translation, localization, and interpreting providers.

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Lochub Marketplace Kaleidoscope


Kaleidoscope is a leading provider of both solutions and services for translation, terminology, connectivity, quality management, query and review management.

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World Translation A/S

World Translation are professional language experts who are passionate about helping businesses communicate. 

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2M Language Services

2M Language Services

2M Language Services is a global language service provider headquartered in Australia and with offices in Paris, Argentina and Manila. 

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Daritrans is a company specialized in technical, marketing, financial, legal, automotive, life science, public sector, technology, and research/science translating services.

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TranslateMedia is a specialist in translation and cultural adaptation, providing tailored solutions for each client based on its brand personality, business objectives, technical capabilities and budgets.

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EC Innovations

EC Innovations has quickly become one of the fastest growing multilingual Language Service Providers in the marketplace and the world.

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LocHub Marketlace Mother Tongue

Mother Tongue

Mother Tongue helps global brands speak their customers' language.

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Get top-quality language services at low cost! Lingoowl combined automation, platform technologies, and customer-centricity, to create an option that’s cheaper, more efficient, flexible, and 100% transparent!

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Nordtext is one of the most trusted and fastest-growing language service providers in the Nordic region.

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LocHub Marketplace Supertext


Supertext isn't your usual translation agency. We respect the creativity that goes into your work. And do our hardest to top.

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LocHub Marketplace The Translation People-1

The Translation People

The Translation People helps businesses communicate with international audiences, whatever language they speak. 

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LocHub Marketplace 1-Stop Asia

1-Stop Asia 

1-StopAsia is among the leading Language Service providers of Asian Languages translation in the world. 

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LocHub Marketplace AB Translations

AB Language Solutions

Professional Translations & Interpreting. Subtitling & Dubbing. All for you to speak fluently, plainly and correctly.

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Rufilms 1


The company is one of the major Russian providers of dubbing, voiceover, subtitling and accessibility services, and provides professional localization of media content. 

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LocHub Marketplace Adriana Traductions

Adriana Sandru Traductions

Technical and medical translations from German, French and English into Romanian

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LocHub Marketplace Albla Translating Agency

Alba Translating Company

Alba Translating Company offers high quality translation and interpreting services to individuals and corporations worldwide. 

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LocHub Marketplace Albion Languages

Albion Language 

Albion Languages was created to help international companies achieve successful multilingual communication through a set of targeted language services.

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Alpha CRC

Alpha is one of the world’s leading localization service providers. Over 30 years, we have helped our clients to take their products and services to different countries, adapting them to local expectations.

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LocHub Marketplace Anouk&Co


Anouk&Co advises companies when they experience that their translation process is hindering them in achieving their international ambitions. 

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LocHub Marketplace Angira


ANGIRA WORLDWIDE is ready to perform a test translation, quickly integrate into your technological processes and comply with your quality standards.

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LocHub Marketplace AP|Portugal

AP | Portugal

AP | PORTUGAL - Tech Language Solutions has been delivering high-quality language services, sustained by fair and decent relations, helping national and international clients alike to break down language barriers and reach a global audience since 1998.

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Lochub Marketplace Arkì Business Translations

Arkì Business Translations

Arkì offers professional translations and localization services for companies entering the global market with their 3.0 products.

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LocHub Marketplace Aspena


We enable people to understand your brand in their own language — instantly, day or night.

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LocHub Marketplace Attached-1

Attached - language intelligence

Attached helps you to connect, be understood, found, liked or even loved, in every language and on every platform.

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LocHub Marketplace Athena Parthenos

Athena Parthenos

Athena Parthenos is a translation and localization company based in Northern Italy with over 10 years experience in professional translations, localization and transcreation, interpreting and linguistic consulting.

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Powerling 3


Powerling is a woman-owned business with over 15 years of experience in multilingual content management. 

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Berba can deliver high-quality translations 3x faster than the industry average. Its AI tools and a dedicated project manager guarantee quality and consistency across your website.

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Caupenne & Co.

With more than 100 different language combinations and technology expertise covering such varied fields as nuclear industry, energy, electronics, IT, automotive industry, textiles, agriculture and food industry, service sector, etc., Caupenne & Co can translate all documents.

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LocHub Marketplace Commit Global

Commit Global

Commit Global has been helping corporations around the world translate their products, services, and brands in local languages making them culturally relevant for more than 20 years.

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CONNECT GLOBAL provides premium B2B translation and localization services in 100+ languages that help global firms reach and engage their customers in local markets worldwide.

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lochub Marketplace ConnectingContent


Taking Your Content Global - with Kaleidoscope your product will speak every language! 

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LocHub Marketplace ContentQuo


ContentQuo's enterprise-grade Translation Quality Management platform makes it easy to DEFINE, MEASURE, ANALYZE, and IMPROVE the linguistic quality of both Human Translation and Machine Translation at scale with a data-driven approach.

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LocHub Marketplace Creative Words

Creative Words 

Creative Words is the result of over fifteen years’ experience in the world of localization and content management.

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LocHub Marketplace CTSD

Creative Translation Services Desk

Creative Translation Services Desk (ATA Corporate Member 268078) is a proprietorship with a fully integrated translation center on ProZ.

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e-Arabization is a leading Arabic Localization and Translation company based in the heart of the Middle East with its headquarters in Jordan, and sales representation offices in Qatar and KSA

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LocHub Marketplace EMPOWER Translate

EMPOWER Translate

EMPOWER is a one-of-a-kind insight localisation and translation agency for global researchers and insight enterprises.

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LocHub Marketplace eurocom


eurocom Translation Services GmbH hat sich seit der Gründung im Jahr 1990 als flexibles, kundenorientiertes und eigentümergeführtes Übersetzungsbüro dynamisch zum führenden österreichischen Full-Service-Übersetzungsdienstleister entwickelt.

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LocHub Marketplace Follow-up

Follow-Up Traduções Técnicas Ltda.

With more than 30 years of experience, we count on our internal team and a list of freelance translators, each chosen following specific demanding criteria which ensures that our exacting standards are met at all times.

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Gateway Translations

Gateway Translations has won the trust of more than 200 technology companies that require specialized IT/software & engineering translations.

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LocHub Marketplace Global Lingo

Global Lingo

Global Lingo partners with organizations around the world in delivering fluent communications to internal and external audiences. 

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GM Voices

GM Voices is a full-service audio production house focused on localizing voice-overs for Video, eLearning and digital applications.

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LocHub Marketplace HLA


HLA helps clients communicate more effectively in foreign markets by providing content translations that are ready to use, in any format, without delays.

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LocHub Marketplace IDISC


 Our company is a specialized web development and translations agency.

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LocHub Marketplace Inlingo


Inlingo is a game and app localization studio working in more than 30 language pairs.

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LocHub Marketplace Into23


Into23 is a full translation service provider. Our focus is on helping global companies reach Asian markets and Asian companies reach global markets.

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LocHub Marketplace ITI

ITI - Technology 

Agile localization? Continuous localization? Transcreation? We’ve mastered it all, and are ready to bring our experience to bear on fulfilling your needs.

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LocHub Marketplace ITI

ITI - Translation Services 

ITI mainly focuses on areas as: Automotive; Games; IT; Life Sciences; Legal matters; Machinery; Marketing; Tourism.

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LocHub Marketplace itl AG

itl AG

itl, your full-service provider and an experienced, reliable partner, is ready to support you with help and advice in all aspects of technical communication.

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LocHub Marketplace Janus Wordwide

Janus Worldwide

Janus' in-country, industry-specific in-house and external pool of linguistic experts translates, localizes and offers multilingual testing in over 100 different languages.

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LocHub Marketplace Kalu Media

Kalu Media 

Kalu Media is your partner in African Localization. Each project another epic adventure.

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LocHub Marketplace KL Translations

KL Translations

KL Translations Ltd is a translation agency based in London and New York that provides translation services, interpretation services, and transcription services to clients worldwide.

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LocHub Marketplace Lingua Greca

Lingua Greca

Lingua Greca Translations is the ‘one-stop shop’ for Greek technical translation services.

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Translation Marketplace Linguaserve

Linguaserve - Services 

Linguaserve has helped many companies to define, implement and make the most of the best technology in order to maximize the performance of their business or activity in any language or market.

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LocHub Marketplace Linguaserve Technology

Linguaserve - Technology 

Linguaserve is a language service provider that provides technological, translation and management solutions.

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LocHub Marketplace Literra Translation Company

Literra Translation Company 

Literra is among top 20 language service providers in Eastern Europe has been on the market since 2006 providing a comprehensive range of translation and interpreting services, handling complex multilingual projects with tight deadlines. 

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LocHub Marketplace Localex


Localex provides high-quality translation and localization services and has the capacity to handle large volume projects in-house at tight deadlines.

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LocHub Marketplace Localised Web

Localised Web

Language service provider for digital media - Localised Web is a translation agency managed by two linguists with more than 35 years of experience in the language industry.

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LocHub Marketplace Logrus Global

Logrus Global 

Logrus is the powerhouse of globalization for the most demanding global multinationals, and many national leaders, midsize firms, as well as startups.

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LocHub Marketplace Logrus Global Localization Cloud

Logrus Global Localization Cloud

"The localization interoperability cloud. The toolset portal to the future."

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LocHub Marketplace Motaword


MotaWord is the world’s fastest human translation platform.

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Lochub Marketplace Native Prime

Native Prime

Native Prime leads the market of Video Games localization. 

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Founded in 1991, Neotech has been one of the most prominent players in the Russian translation market for almost 30 years.

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LocHub Marketplace OMADA


OMADA is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 certified language services company offering translation, localisation, terminology and other customised language-related services in all the official EU languages.

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LocHub Marketplace Planet Languages

Planet Languages

Planet Languages offers a complete range of high-quality creative translation and localization services

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LocHub Marketplace Pozena


We are one of Poland's leading LSPs, geared towards both linguistic and technical excellence, and dedicated to continuous learning

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Scriptis logo

Scriptis Translations inc.

Scriptis is a translation company with more than 30 employees in Montreal, Toronto and the USA. 

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LocHub Marketplace T&F


We provide solutioning for Localization project planning, effort cost estimation, Translation vendor management which helps our Client to reduce overall Translation/Localization budget with high quality deliverables.

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LocHub Marketplace Tasama


Tasama®, the specialist in translation and transcreation for online businesses. We strive for excellence through our specialization in the online businesses market segment. 

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LocHub Marketplace TTC wetranslate

TTC wetranslate 

For almost 30 years TTC wetranslate Limited has been assisting Companies to grow their businesses globally and reach wider audiences in their own languages

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LocHub Marketplace Text United Fast Translation

Text United Fast Translation

The fastest and most affordable online translation service from a mother company, Text United.

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LocHub Marketplace TradCreation


What if we told you we had a brand new method to make your translations really RESONATE and CONVERT into the Spanish market?

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LocHub Marketplace Transplicity by Amplexor

Transplicity by AMPLEXOR

AMPLEXOR’s turnkey solutions support core industry processes and include software technology, consulting, system integration, and language and content management services.

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LocHub Marketplace Translate5

MittagQI - Quality Informatics

Translate5 enables user-friendly translation and review workflow processes and extremely flexible integration into different content management systems and product information management systems via REST API.

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LocHub Marketplace TranslateFX

Translate FX - Technology

TranslateFX employs a range of technologies new and old to help their clients get the most efficiency. 

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LocHub Marketplace TranslateFX

TranslateFX - Translation Services

TranslateFX is a language service provider and technology company specializing in financial and legal translation.

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LocHub Marketplace TW Languages

TW Languages

We are a multi-lingual translation service provider, established in 1999, since 2006 we have specialised in high-quality technical translations.

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LocHub Marketplace Dilkent Tercume

Dilkent Tercume

Dilkent Tercume provides translation and localization services in various fields for domestic and foreign companies who are the leading enterprises of their sectors.

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LocHub Marketplace El Turco

El Turco

El Turco is a new-generation language services provider with a focus on people and technology.

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LocHub Marketplace Farsi language Solutions

Farsi Language Solutions

Farsi language Solutions provides a range of English to Farsi (Persian) and vice versa Language services

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Ultra Localize

Ultra Localize is a language service provider (LSP) based in Cairo, Egypt. They provide all types of linguistic services, in addition to all supporting services needed.

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Whether your business needs transcription, language translation, dubbing, or voice-overs, TranslatersPro is one of the leading providers of such services in India.

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Glocalize Inc

At Glocalize, our mission is to bring people together by empowering stories. We believe that great content should be appreciated by all audiences around the world, and this starts with us.

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United Language Solutions

United Language Solutions, situated Ahmedabad, Gujarat, is enthusiastically involved in providing excellent language translation, transcription, localization services.

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More than a translation agency, languageweb24 Global Language Services is a leading international full-service agent for foreign language communication.

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Qabiria Studio SLNE

Qabiria is a translation and localization company specializing in the translation and adaptation of websites, mobile apps and technical documentation.

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lochub-marketplace-logo-roin corporation


TOIN Corporation is a full-service localization provider with services encompassing authoring, localization, content management and workflow / process consulting.

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Protranslate is your trusted partner for all your translation and localization needs, offering language solutions to business partners worldwide in more than 120 languages.

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lochub-marketplace-Business Solution Center-logo


Business Solution Center is a leading Telemarketing and virtual assistant services company that holds a considerable amount of experience in this industry.

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lochub-marketplace-translator family-logo

Translators Family

Translators Family sp. z o.o. is a transcreation and localisation agency specialising in marketing, business and technical translation services.

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LingoFocus is a fully certified ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 Language Service Provider. We offer accuracy, flexibility, responsiveness, and punctuality and more.

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Brightlines Translation

Brightlines Translation Ltd

Brightlines Translation is a full service marketing translation agency.

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L10N Studio, Lda.

L10N is a Multilingual Service Provider ranked among the Top 2022 Boutique Language Service Provider Index by Slator.

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Keylingo is a business-to-business language services provider (LSP) that has been helping organizations succeed in the global marketplace since 2004.

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Swiss Solutions

Swiss Solutions

Established in 2004, Swiss Solutions is a leader on the Romanian translation market as well as a Top 20 translation agency in Eastern Europe.

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Rhyme & Reason

We use ISO-certified workflows coupled with state-of-the-art translation and linguistic database management technology to help you guarantee quality, cut costs and shorten your time-to-market.

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AMBRA Translation

Ambra Translations

Ambra Translations is a digital translation agency based in Italy, with collaborators all over the world.

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For over 22 years now, BRAAHMAN has translated and localized the products and services of leading global brands in 100+ languages.

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Albaglobal was founded in 2005 as a pioneering company in Albania with the sole purpose of the provision of high-quality translation, localization, and interpreting services.

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