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The first global website localization testing tool for a headless CMS

HB Fuller website mistakes final V1

Add testing to your headless web technology stack to detect and correct mixed language errors.  

Over 80% of global websites with multilingual content generate at least 200 or more new errors each week, including translation mistakes, localization errors, lack of content consistency, broken links, and empty web pages. Website errors and content quality contribute to a poor visitor experience and negatively impact your SEO rankings – and as a consequence, reduce the effectiveness of your content.   

LocHub Insights helps you test and correct these errors with ease. 

Simply enter your URL to start a crawl of your entire website. Our tool looks for mixed-language errors and displays the results on a centralized dashboard so you can quickly locate and eliminate them at the source.


LocHub Insights is the only localization testing tool for website operators, DevOps, and IT quality assurance managers that check for language consistency in a headless CMS environment.