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Easily manage your WordPress Translation Workflow

Manage your WordPress Translation Workflow

with LocHub WordPress Connector

Easy maintenance of multi-lingual websites

WordPress is the most popular web content management system in the world, used by 35% of the websites. To easily manage the translations of multilingual websites, site owners and content managers can use the LocHub WordPress connector.WordPress

The LocHub WordPress connector allows content managers to select the WordPress content that needs to be translated, create a translation job, send it to any Language Service Provider and publish the translated content, all from within the LocHub interface.
In addition, LocHub reports in real-time on the status of your translation job(s).

How does it work?

After the connector configuration (which required minimal developer skills), LocHub pulls content from WordPress, allowing content managers to easily select the WordPress content that needs to be translated, set the automation rules and send it for translation to any LSP or directly to MT.

The connector supports the translation of pages, posts and even content created via Custom Post Types. Watch the video below to get an impression on how it works.


Watch in action?

In this video, we demonstrates how to translate Wordpress content with LocHub and its Wordpress connector. We will translate several blog posts from English to German, Dutch and French using LocHub WordPress connector. 

Video Xillio LocHub WordPress Connector

Installation prerequisites:

  • Installation of LocHub
  • Configuration of WordPress connector                       

Supported versions:

  • Wordpress 4.7 and higher                                


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