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The LocHub Connector Portal provides an easy-to-use framework to send multilingual content directly from your Content Management System (CMS) to your Language Service Provider (LSP).  

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The LocHub Connector Portal ecosystem includes 17 out of the box connectors. LocHub also provides developers with an easy API to build custom connectors to your CMS, PIM, ECM, or other content platforms.  

LocHub Resource Center for Developers  

In the LocHub Resource Center, developers will find all technical and support documentation to build and run a LocHub Connector Portal environment - both for out-of-the-box connectors and for custom connectors. 

Custom Connectors: When you need to connect to a CMS that is not listed in our library of pre-built connectors, developers can use the LocHub Custom Connector documentation to build a custom connector.  

LocHub Pre-Built Connectors: The Xillio API provides a platform with which developers can effortlessly integrate with all popular content repositories, making content stored in both cloud content systems and legacy systems easily accessible. Documentation includes how to configure Xillio’s pre-built connectors to work with your CMS, how to map data and other support questions. There are separate guides for Adobe Experience Manager and Drupal as these connectors push the content directly from the CMS to LocHub. 

 LocHub Connector Portal User Manual: The User Manual provides step-by-step information to set up, administer and manage your LocHub Connector Portal environment. Documentation includes information about translation workflows, user administration, and how to establish rule sets (e.g., for manual or automated tasks).  

LocHub Developer Guide for TMS: The LocHub Connector Portal Developer Guide provides technical documentation to integrate with your Translation Management System (TMS). This is required for TMS environments that we do not have out-of-the-box integration with and that are not TAPICC compliant. Current integrations include MemoQ and Translate5. Resources include a TAPICC Developer Guide and SWAGGER documentation.  

Custom Connectors 


LocHub Pre-Built Connector

Xillio API Connectors

AEM Connector User Manual   

Drupal User Manual

LocHub Connector Portal 

LocHub Connector Portal User Manual

LocHub  Developer Guide 

Developer Guide for TAPICC 


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