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LocHub Connector Portal for CMS Developers  

LocHub Connector Portal takes the complexity out of managing translation for multilingual websites, improves the business value of your CMS   

About the LocHub Connector Portal 

The LocHub Connector Portal is an award-winning integration platform that takes the complexity out of managing translation workflows for multilingual websites and improves the CMS user experience. How? LocHub embeds translation directly in the CMS (e.g. Adobe Experience Manager, Drupal) and delivers seamless automation for the translation roundtrip. The result: less friction, greater insight into translation work-in-progress, better efficiency, and higher productivity of the CMS platform.  

How does it work?  

For CMS Developers, LocHub provides an easy API to integrate the CMS platform to the LocHub Connector Portal. Alternatively, CMS Developers can choose one of 17 pre-built connectors.  

Marketing or localization teams have the flexibility to manage their translation projects directly from their CMS user interfaceDepending upon the feature capabilities of your CMS platform, users can either:  

1. Manually select content from their CMS workspace (from documents, text, files), choose the LSP or agency that is responsible for translating the selected content, and send the files for translation; OR 

2. Automate file or content selection based on event-driven or task-driven workflows. In this scenario, LocHub automatically retrieves pre-selected content and sends the files to the LSP.  

LCP for CMS workflow-01

The LocHub Connector Portal receives content from the CMS with the selected routing instructions. LocHub routes the content to the selected translation agency or LSP, who are already connected directly to the LocHub ecosystem. When the translated content is ready for review, the LSP sends content directly back to the CMS with a notification to authorized users that the translated content is ready for reviewThe user can then review, approve and publish the translated content or send it back to the LSP for further translation.  

How to get started 

This is the easy part! We have an open LocHub Developer Portal where CMS developers can view all of our documentation to connect their CMS environment quickly and for free.  

Documentation for 17 out-of-the-box connectors is available in our LocHub Pre-Built Connector Portal

Do you need to connect to a custom content system or CMS? Documentation to create a Custom Connector is here: 

Do you have questions about your CMS or TMS platform? We are here to help