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The Lochub story

LocHub is an innovative martech start-up and a spin-off from Xillio, an industry leader providing content migration software and services for 17 years to enterprises, agencies, and public sector organizations around the globe. Our LocHub team is founded by former Xillio employees Allan Hall, Daan Gosman, Pavel Pekny, and Rikkert Engels and leverages their years of experience in developing robust technology and delivering creative solutions to enhance existing marketing applications and digital experience platforms.

Our LocHub solutions – including our industry-first QA Insights testing and monitoring tool – were created to solve an industry problem: “How to improve quality, reliability, and consistency with multilingual content publishing?” And in solving this problem, our founders identified and fixed two critical gaps in the localization process – for the first time, giving marketing professionals and agencies a tool for testing content before it’s published and for continuously monitoring quality and consistency of global websites.

From web content migrations to an open-choice translation marketplace

For years, Xillio has been an industry leader in delivering enterprise-class solutions for web migrations and integrations into CMS and digital experience platforms, including Adobe, Tridion, Sitecore, and Drupal. Beginning in 2017, the Xillio connector became an industry-standard tool used by translation agencies for translation processes.

Xillio continued to grow its solutions portfolio for translation agencies and LSPs with its introduction of LocHub Orchestrate. Designed to bring flexibility and interoperability to the translation process, LocHub Orchestrate connects with every CMS platform and enables any translation agency to retrieve and push content on demand.

In March 2020, Xillio launched a marketplace that gives enterprise and public sector clients both access to Xillio’s connector technology and also enables them to locate LocHub-integrated translation agencies. This benefits clients by delivering the flexibility and freedom to work with their translation agency of choice, anywhere across the globe – ultimately reducing localization costs, improving content quality, and accelerating time-to-market.

Commoditization in the Translation Industry

In recent years, the translation industry has become a complex, fragmented, highly competitive market space that has shifted to a procurement- driven model, where the primary purchase decision is based on “who is the cheapest?”. Efficiency became the magic word and primary driver for agencies.

However, along with the commoditization of translation processes has emerged a disconnect. With clients who didn’t anticipate an increase in gaps and inefficiencies in their localization process. With website visitors whose search led them to pages with translation inconsistencies and mistakes. And with readers in local markets of content that has been poorly translated.

An Innovative Approach to Transform Global Content Publishing

As passionate industry professionals and marketing entrepreneurs, we decided to take a fresh look at the end-to-end global content publishing cycle. In doing so, we identified unique opportunities to eliminate inefficiency and friction and to transform the entire process. How? It was simple: we applied a customer-centric approach: looking at the process both from the perspective of a website visitor and point of view of a marketing professional. 

As software developers ourselves, our DevOps team follows industry-standard development cycles for new software releases – which includes testing software code before release. And we wondered why there is a lack of ownership – and a lack of tools – for testing multilingual content before it is published and for monitoring it when it is live. We analyzed and measured the negative impact of inconsistency of multilingual websites – both from mixed languages on the same webpage and localization mistakes in continuous publishing cycles. The outcomes included recurring process errors, slower publishing times, poor SEO, and negative user experience.

To help fix these issues in the content publishing process, we created an AI-driven QA tool for testing and monitoring multilingual content that seamlessly integrates into any marketing tech stack or digital experience platform. And LocHub QA Insights was born.

LocHub, a fresh look from a marketing perspective at multilingual content.


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