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Delivering innovative localization solutions and building a future-ready translation ecosystem for enterprises, LSPs and CMS providers


The Lochub story

LocHub is a spin-off from Xillio, an industry leader providing content migration software and services for 17 years to enterprises, agencies, and public sector organizations around the globe. Our LocHub team is founded by former Xillio employees and leverages their years of experience in developing robust technology and delivering creative solutions to enhance existing marketing applications and digital experience platforms.

The story started by pure coincidence. Xillio approached a CMS provider to test a new piece of software. That CMS provider decided to use this innovation for translation instead of CMS integration. As outsiders of the localization industry, we noticed that the industry is designed around procurement and relationships and that business value is secondary. Combining our Content management industry knowledge and our state-of-the-art platform, we thought we are ideally positioned to rethink localization from a blank sheet. We asked ourselves the question: “How can we reimagine translation value chains and build a more efficient, modern ecosystem?”

The solution, as always in hindsight, is remarkably simple.

Allow enterprises to embed translation output from LSP’s directly into the business app 
Offer this technology as a white-labeled solution to LSP’s based on 4 pillars
Offer a superior development environment and advanced analytics
Skip the Enterprise TMS
Become the localization solution of choice for CMS systems

In March 2020, Xillio launched a marketplace that gives enterprise and public sector clients both access to Xillio’s connector technology and also enables them to locate LocHub-integrated translation agencies. This benefits clients by delivering flexibility, improving UX and increasing the effectiveness of their multilingual value chain – ultimately reducing localization costs, improving content quality, and accelerating time-to-market.

In 2021, LocHub continues to challenge traditional industry approaches and legacy technology platforms. Today, we are changing the translation game in a truly disruptive way through the launch of a global LocHub ecosystem that connects global customers directly with LSPs, streamlining localization processes and removing the need for expensive or outdated technology.

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