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LocHub Connector Portal for Language Service Providers  

LocHub Connector Portal takes out complexity and costs of localization processes, helps LSPs and translation agencies deliver better value to clients  

About the LocHub Connector Portal 

The LocHub Connector Portal is an integration platform with a CMS connector framework that takes complexity and costs out of translation processes by automating the translation roundtrip – from client CMS to LSP and back. LocHub Connector Portal includes 17 pre-built connectors, together with an easy API for custom integrations. By using LocHub, LSPs no longer need to build or buy software to connect to each individual client environment – helping LSPs to accelerate client onboarding and deliver translation projects better and faster to clients.  

How does it work?  

LSPs can connect to the LocHub Connector Portal easily via a few simple steps from the wizard-driven menu, then choose a pre-built connector to one of our 17 integration-ready CMS platforms.  


Do you need a custom connector? We provide an easy API for developers, with all required technical and support documentation. You can also contact our team if you need assistance with a specific CMS environment – our team has 17+ years of software development, content migration, and CMS integration expertise 

The New World of Agile Translation  

Marketing and localization teams have the flexibility to manage their translation projects directly from their CMS user interface to your client manager or translation team. Depending upon the feature capabilities of the client’s CMS platform, there are two options:  

1. Users manually select content from the CMS workspace (from documents, text, files), choose the language(s) for translation, send the files to you; OR

2. Translation projects can be automated based on event-driven or task-driven workflows: for example, new content, version changes, or project-specific tasks. In this scenario, LocHub automatically retrieves pre-selected content from the CMS and sends the file to you. A client manager or translation agent views the project directly in the LocHub portal. 

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How to get started 

It’s easy and free to get started. Our award-winning LocHub platform enables LSPs to provide clients with flexible, friction-free services, boosting value throughout the customer delivery chain. Join LocHub’s innovative, future-ready ecosystem – and be a leader in driving the future of the localization industry.  

Are you ready to get started? Join the LocHub ecosystem today or speak with our team