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LocHub Connector Portal: How to Buy  

Looking to Boost Business Value of Your Localization Program? 
Get Started Today – It’s Easy and Free  

At LocHub, our mission is to build a future-ready, modern translation ecosystem that delivers business value across the industry – for enterprises and organizations, for LSPs and translation agencies, and for CMS providers and developers. Therefore, we have made it as easy as possible to join – and any enterprise, LSP, or CMS provider can get started for free.  

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How To Get Started  

 For Enterprises:  

LocHub is free of charge for Enterprise customers. Interested in seeing how it works? Just contact us and test it for free. After connecting to the LocHub Connector Portal ecosystem, organizations can immediately begin to send multilingual content to one of our LSP Marketplace partners. Alternatively, if you don’t see your translation agency on the Marketplace, we are happy to help them join our LocHub ecosystem.  

Interested in including LocHub Insights as a must-have step for multilingual content QA? Request a free report to see how it works.

For LSPs and Translation Agencies:  

LSPs and Translation Agencies can join over 90 partners already in the Translation Marketplace. It’s free to connect to the LocHub ecosystem. Please reach out to us if you would like a dedicated demo environment or if you are interested in a white-labeled version of your own LocHub environment. 

LocHub for CMS providers   

Are you a CMS provider? We have already built connectors to many standard CMS platforms, such as SharePoint, Adobe Experience Manager, Drupal, WordPress, Zendesk, and Acquia. With 17+ years of software development and content migration expertise, we have project experience with virtually every CMS.  

Interested in connecting your CMS platform to the LocHub ecosystem? We are happy to help. Would you like to offer our Insights QA tooling in your App Store or App Marketplace? Reach out to us to get started. Both connecting to the LocHub ecosystem and including LocHub in your App Store are free.