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AMPLEXOR is the world’s leading partner for enterprise content lifecycles. For more than 30 years we have been helping organizations across industries and geographies to leverage content as a strategic differentiator, towards compliance, efficiency and business revenue. Whether it’s content strategy, intelligence, technology, services, processes or a bit of everything – we make it all possible.

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For the past +30 years we’ve been transforming business ecosystems across industries and geographies, turning content into a strategic differentiator. Our services include industry-specific translation & localization, transcreation, website translation, content connectivity, eLearning localization, software globalization, rich media localization, machine translation, enterprise terminology and multilingual desktop publishing.

Technical; Marketing; Financial; Legal; Automotive; E-commerce; Energy; Engineering; Life Science; Manufacturing; Public sector; Research/Science; Technology;

With over 30 years of translation and localization experience, our linguistic teams have the in-depth industry knowhow and business-domain expertise to deliver accurate, compliant and engaging information to your worldwide target audiences. We deliver the right words and cultural meaning in every language, ensuring effective, tailored communication across all touchpoints and formats.


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Category: Technology Provider & LSP

Pricing: Our solutions are customized, and estimates are provided on a per-project basis.

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Technology: We approach translation technology like everything else we do: with the customer’s needs first. Our globalization platform and processes allow for a wide range of tools to ensure optimum results and the highest possible quality output for each project. 

Languages Supported: We provide an extensive portfolio of language translation and localization services supporting over 500 language combinations.


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