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Arkì Business Translations

Arkì offers professional translations and localization services for companies entering the global market with their 3.0 products: Apps, E-commerce, E-Learning, Content Marketing, Blog, Webinar, Chatbot.

We want to contribute to your performance in the global marketplace by translating your content into all the languages spoken in the markets you target.

Offered Services:
Translation, Voice Recording, Localization, Dubbing

Our work is not 'translation'. It is about delivering the same quality content to a different culture: only this way, you communication will be as effective as it is in the source text.

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Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

Partner Information

Category: LSP

Pricing: Let's discuss a quote based on your actual needs! We don't want to be the cheapest on the market, we want you to be super happy for the money you spent. 

Technology:  MemoQ

Contact email:

Languages Supported:
We provide more than 50 languages through our offices in France, Germany, Italy and Spain, and through localization partners in country all around the world. We always translate through an in-country partner, actually living in the target market area.

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