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Content Quo 

ContentQuo is a translation technology company that helps Machine Translation teams, Vendor Management teams, and Quality Management teams at Global Top-10 translation agencies, world-class commercial localization departments & top-tier government translation organizations lower the risk of customer churn, reduce operating costs, and address quality problems as they scale. We do this by centralizing and automating their translation quality management processes, programs, and data for HT and/or MT with our SaaS solution.

Offered Technology:
ContentQuo's enterprise-grade Translation Quality Management platform makes it easy to DEFINE, MEASURE, ANALYZE, and IMPROVE the linguistic quality of both Human Translation and Machine Translation at scale with a data-driven approach.

ContentQuo helps translation organizations automate and streamline many scenarios centered around language quality assessment, for example:
* evaluating Machine Translation quality (both raw and post-edited)
* delivering regular feedback to linguists
* assessing translation testing results
* running post-revision quality audits
* investigating clients' quality complaints
* collecting metrics on In-Country Review
* managing LQI projects for customers

ContentQuo supports all popular quality measurement methodologies - for example, as DQF, MQM, J2450, and Adequacy-Fluency, as well as automatic quality metrics such as Edit Distance. Categories, rating scales, formulas are all fully customizable for different internal or external customers, so that you're never locked into one particular way of measurement.

ContentQuo integrates with some of the leading Translation Management Systems on the market (such as Wordbee, MemoQ Server, and Memsource, with more integration upcoming and the ability to integrate with proprietary in-house systems on demand) and also offers its own API that customers can use to further automate their workflows.

Public cloud, private cloud, and on-premise deployments are all supported.

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Pricing: Pricing is based on volume of words evaluated through the system. Annual discounts are available.

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