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e-Arabization for Localization

Offered Services:
Who are we: e-Arabization is a leading Arabic Localization and Translation company based in the heart of the Middle East with its headquarters in Jordan, and sales representation offices in Qatar and KSA. We pride ourselves to be the first localization company in Jordan and one of the leading localization companies in the Middle East. We specialize mainly in Software & Website Localization, in addition to our experience in other fields like Medical, Pharmaceutical, Financial, Legal and Hospitality. We are a privately held company that was established in 2007.

Though e-Arabization is a young company, it managed to attract top-notch organizations around the world through its team’s experience and skills, its commitment to delivering high quality products, and customer service orientation. Our services include Localization, translation, consultation, in addition to testing solutions for business materials and systems including software, multimedia, learning services, and mobile applications. Our team consists of knowledgeable professionals with a broad experience and generalist background, with a hands-on approach and focus on operational excellence.

Throughout the years we have been able to test and identify the best professionals in their respective fields and advanced users of CAT software. Now we can offer you our joint efforts for a cost effective, highest quality and ethical solution. e-Arabization uses standard Arabic which is the official language amongst all Arabic speaking nations. However, our team stretches throughout Jordan, Egypt, and the GCC to bring you knowledge and experience in various Arabic dialects. Also, our team of translators, QA specialists and DTP engineers put between your hands many years of experience and hard work to deliver a high quality localized products.

We bring: • More than ten years of experience and ability to manage work under tight deadlines • Cost effective solutions and flexibility to negotiate prices • Strong commitment to customer service, quality and style in everything we do • Creative, solution-focused work ethic and dedicated approach to all tasks.

Software Localization e-Arabization’s team has solid experience in Software localization, where our team of translators, Software engineers and QA specialists work together to produce high quality products. Whether you have your in-house developed translation software environment, or you use a certain CAT tool, e-Arabization has the flexibility and capabilities to meet your requirements. Oracle e-Arabization provides software localization into Arabic for Oracle, where we partner with them in localizing their core banking system, internet banking, Logistics and HR systems, in addition to their Islamic banking into Arabic. SAP experience Many members of our team were SAP software localizers into Arabic, with experience that exceeds 5 years.

Our manager was an SAP certified translator and project manager for Arabic Software Localization at SAP AG. iTunes e-Arabization managed to localize parts of iTunes into Arabic and Hebrew thorough an LSP, where we translated, localized and ran quality check on HTML files for those two RTL languages. Website Localization e-Arabization understands the localization difficulties facing RTL languages, and that’s where its team come to the rescue with their many years of experience and high skills. We have successfully launched localized websites for many well-known organizations around the world, where we provided full Arabic websites.

Some of our website localization clients: Amazon Carrefour (UAE) Pedago Jopetrol World Bank Etisalat (UAE) Jumeirah Group Atlantis Hotel, Dubai King Saud University Offline documentation and file translations e-Arabization provides translation services from and into Arabic.

We work with user manuals, offline help files, brochures, etc. and we are capable of working with any file type. Over the years we have translated more than 7 million words for our clients using CAT tools and creating many reference glossaries and terminology databases.

Quality Control at e-Arabization
Our first and most important commitment is to deliver a high quality product, and that is why e-Arabization works hard to achieve this goal through its team, tools and references. QA Tools e-Arabization has developed its own in-house Quality Assurance tool that is used to quality check each and every project before being delivered. Our QA tool measures critical and minor issues like: linguistic, functional, Formatting and Graphics. Our team also has experience working on many of our clients tools. Our dedicated QA Department has the necessary experience and skills to monitor localized and translated projects that are done at e-Arabization, or forwarded to us by clients for Quality check. In addition, e-Arabization has its own QA checklist sheet that should be checked and signed by our translators, editors, proofreaders, engineers and QA specialists at the end of each project.

Style Guide
We have developed our own Arabic Style guide at e-Arabization. Over the years we gained experience from different projects and our team worked on updating our style guide continuously to meet clients’ expectation. We released version 4.3 in 2011. Not only that! e-Arabization understands the differences that may occur amongst different projects, that is why our Project Managers make the needed alterations before the launching of any project.

QA Department
Our internal structure at e-Arabization includes a dedicated QA department that has all the needed external and internal resources to monitor and manage Quality Assurance at the company. Our QA manager and team are up to date with the latest general references and dictionaries. In addition, they work continuously on updating our style guide and QA tool to meet different clients’ requests. The team also manages our database of offline and online glossaries and references.

Experienced and Highly skilled team
Our team members are highly skilled professionals who bring many years of experience in their specializations. All our team members hold at least undergraduate degree in their field of specialization, and 53% of our team members holds postgraduate degrees. Agreements with Universities to hire distinguished graduates e-Arabization has a cooperation agreement with the Faculty of Arts at the Applied Science University in Jordan, where we train and hire distinguished graduates in coordination with the Faculty members and Dean.

e-Arabization understands the decisive need for Localization in the GCC and the Middle East We are aware of the increasing demand in the Middle East region in general and the Gulf in particular to adopt advanced IT, ERP and eBusiness solutions, that’s why e-Arabization provides intensive experience in IT localization that helps top-notch IT companies explore the Gulf market and localize their solutions into Arabic. Arabic and its various dialects and locales Our team at e-Arabization stretches throughout the Arab world with concentration on the Gulf Region, as the majority of our projects are targeting the GCC. We have team members from Jordan, UAE, KSA, Qatar, Kuwait and Egypt to make sure we are familiar with the local dialects, localization needs and requirements of every region.

What makes us unique: • Every continuous project has a dedicated team and Project Manager • Flexible working hours that meets clients’ time zones • Locations in the Middle East and in the highly demanding GCC region • 24/7 customer support • on-call team members who are available during weekends and holidays

What we offer: e-Arabization offers the following services: • Website/Software Localization • Documents translation • Subtitling • Website Testing • Quality Assurance • Desk Top

Publishing Tools we use: Using Computer-Assisted Translation tools and our in-house developed QA system, we guarantee you high quality deliverables.

At e-Arabization, We keep ourselves updated with the latest technologies and Computer-Assisted Translation tools to make sure we provide you with latest hands on innovation CAT Tools: • SDLX • WordFast • MemoQ • Memsource • TRADOS Studio 2009 Multilingual Desk-Top Publishing: • QuarkXpress • In-Design • Illustrator • PageMaker • HTML • XML

What makes e-Arabization different: Our project management cycle for all our continuous projects ensure follow-up with clients throughout the project, high-quality deliverables, post-delivery follow-up for updates, and a dedicated and experienced team that will work with you throughout your project.

Each project consists of: • Project Manager • Translation team • Editing team • DTP team • Final QA team

Our commitment
Our mission is to achieve client's satisfaction through a dedicated team of experienced linguists and engineers, who work together to produce a high-quality localized product, and meet every single deadline, with a reasonable cost.

E-commerce; Technology; Marketing; Financial; Legal



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Category: LSP

Pricing: US$0.08 - US$0.13 per word for English into Arabic US$0.10 - US$0.15 per word for Arabic into English

Contact email:

Technology: Memsource MT and software SDL MemoQ ATMS

Languages Supported: English - Arabic, Arabic - English


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