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El Turco

El Turco is a new-generation language services provider with a focus on people and technology.

Offered Services:
Crowdsourcing (data collection/annotation, transcription, MTPE, etc), localization, transcreation

As a technology-oriented start-up with a seasoned team based on a geographically advantageous location, we are a hidden gem for the ones who are tired of sloppy work of not-so-cheap providers.



LocHub Marketplace El Turco
Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

Partner Information

Category: LSP

Pricing:Starting from 0.06 USD/word, 18 USD/hour

Technology:Proprietary NMT engine, proprietary BMS with automated workflow, dedicated AI/deep learning team working on quality estimation & automatic post-editing, all the CAT tools in the market.

Contact email:

Languages Supported:All major languages


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