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Inlingo is a game and app localization studio working in more than 30 language pairs.

  • We've got a tight team of experienced native speaking localization professionals specializing in games and mobile apps.
  • Our managers have at least 5 years of experience in localization, some of them have IT background. We know exactly how this stuff works.
  • Our prices always include a dedicated project manager, manual review, and QA. That's just how we do things.
  • We love translating games and we sure as hell know how to do it!

Offered Services:
Games Localization, Apps Localization, Website Localization, Translation, Editing, Quality Сheck, Linguistic Testing (LQA), Voice Over, and Copywriting

We do focus on games and apps but these days we're also growing our IT branch named Inlingo.IT


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Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

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Category: LSP

Pricing:Our rates start at around $0.15 per source word, and we offer special prices for bigger projects or regular volumes

Technology:memoQ with a bit of Crowdin, Memsource, OneSkyApp

Contact email:

Languages Supported: Over 30 languages in total: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish (EU/MX), Portuguese (EU/BR), Polish, Turkish, Czech and other European languages. Chinese (PRC, HK, TW), Japanese, Arabic, Korean, Indonesian, Thai and other languages.


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