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itl, your full-service provider and an experienced, reliable partner, is ready to support you with help and advice in all aspects of technical communication. With around 120 employees and a global network of freelancers and partners, we can work with you from our headquarters in Munich and from subsidiaries and branch offices in Stuttgart, Vienna, Linz, Kreuzlingen and Brașov.

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Benefit from our ISO 9001 quality management system and our standard-compliant translation services in accordance with ISO 17100 and ISO 18587. Meet the challenges of Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution, with modern information lifecycle management. We take a holistic view of your processes – from the conceptualisation stage to the creation, translation, publication and supply of your technical documentation. And you benefit from the resulting synergies. For an end-to-end flow of information with clearly defined interfaces throughout all stages of the information lifecycle, we offer you products and process solutions that bring even greater efficiency to your process as a whole. We are happy to pass on our specialist knowledge about technical documentation and translation – expertise that we have accumulated in the course of 35 years: in training courses, seminars and workshops, and at free evening events and roadshows.

Technical; Automotive; Energy; Engineering; Life Science; Manufacturing; Technology


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