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Kalu Media 

At the center of every media campaign is the communication that ensures that the target audience scrumptiously devours the message with trust. Trust that your brand or content was created with them in mind. Africa being so rich with cultural diversity, requires that when we attempt to trans-create communication meant for her audiences, we do it with excellence and within the rhythm of each language village, city, and nation as though it was written by themselves and for themselves.

Kalu Media is your partner in African Localization. Each project another epic adventure. We eat, drink and dream our vision of being able to fully localize this motherland from Cape to Cairo from documentaries to film and much more. Join the hundreds of international brands and content producers trusting our expertise every day. We are confident we can do the same for you.

Offered Services:
Transcreation, Copywriting, Localization, Voice-over, Production Fixing, Dubbing, Sub-titling, Social Media Management.



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Languages Supported: 45 Major African Languages in 35 Countries

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