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English to Greek Translation & Localization for Software, Apps & WebsitesIs it all Greek to you and your users? Us too, but literally 😉 Managing a localization department or team is no simple task. The satisfaction of your Greek customers depends to a significant extent on you. But, when you tried to find the right Greek translator, you realized it wasn’t as quick and easy as it should be. You are spoilt for choice: tons of resources (who has time for those?!) with tips on how to buy translations, endless lists of Greek translators on online directories, and a plethora of freebies (machine translation, crowdsourcing, your Greek employees). Energy-sapping and time-consuming process? You betcha! In February 2020, Nimdzi Insights asked 100 buyers of localization services what kept them awake at night. The top concern was quality (31.10%), followed by speed (16.8%). Sounds familiar? Well, worry no more, because if you are looking for a ‘professional, responsive and reliable‘ (our clients’ words, not ours) Greek translation provider, you came to the right place.

Offered Services:
✔ Translation, localization and editing from English into Greek ✔ Monolingual editing (comprehensive language check) of Greek content (such as your brochure, website copy, presentation, thesis, etc.) ✔ Creation and management of Greek translation teams (why hire a Greek localization manager when we can do that for you remotely?) ✔ Creation of Greek style guide (for stylistic consistency so your translations accurately reflect your company’s brand voice) ✔ Alignment of English-Greek translated content to produce translation memories (so you can reuse past translations and ensure terminology consistency)

Technical; E-commerce; Engineering; Life Science; Manufacturing; Technology; Marketing; Financial; Legal; Energy; Research/Science


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Category: LSP

Pricing: USD: $0.22 per source word for translation and editing (two linguists); $60 hourly EUR: €0.16 per source word for translation and editing (two linguists); €50 hourly

Contact email:

Technology: ✿ SDL Trados Studio 2019, memoQ, Smartling (daily use) ✿ Transifex, Crowdin (regular use)

Languages Supported: English into Greek


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