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At Linguaserve, we offer our clients a 360º service, which is what sets us apart from other translation and localization companies. When a new client contacts us, we offer assistance, advice and solutions to their translation, technology and service control needs from the very first moment.

None of this would be possible without our second differentiating aspect: personal service. We offer the solutions of a large business, and whether working with a small- or medium-sized company, or even a large multinational, we provide each and every one of our clients with the same personalized service.

Linguaserve has helped many companies to define, implement and make the most of the best technology in order to maximize the performance of their business or activity in any language or market.

You can also get a multilingual communication strategy designed just for you.

Offered Services:
Linguaserve provides a wide range of language services, including standard and ISO 17100 translation (general, specialized, and sworn), neural machine translation and NMT human post-editing, localization and globalization (websites, e-commerce, apps, games), transcreation, revision, proofreading and validation, Quality Assurance and testing services, interpreting, DTP (layout and graphic retouching), voice-over and dubbing, subtitling, transcription, and outsourcing resources (language professionals, web editors, project coordination).

Technical; Marketing; Financial; Legal; Automotive; E-commerce; Energy; Engineering; Life Science; Manufacturing; Public sector; Research/Science; Technology;

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Pricing: The best value for money on the market with smart savings through better translation memory technology and methodology, improving consistency and the ability to reduce costs by more than 50%. Cost control thanks to detailed and transparent online billing reports in real time.

Technology: Linguaserve applies and integrates the best technology available on the market with its own technology to provide complete, simple and usable solutions for our clients. We adapt our solutions to the tech stack of our clients to ensure a perfect fit.

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Languages Supported: Linguaserve has experience providing translation and localization services in over 100 languages and variants, covering most of the international e-commerce market.

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