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Linguaserve - Technology 

Linguaserve is a language service provider that provides technological, translation and management solutions.

If you need a professional translation of your corporate documents, with lots of different users, or website and e-commerce localization, we have the perfect solution for you.

Digital transformation has turned electronic documents, websites and apps into the primary tool for businesses and disseminating information to a global market. In order to translate documents, websites and applications correctly, we must look at formal, structural and technological elements as well as the multilingual communication of different content, taking into account the particular aims of the client within each market and country.

Documents, e-commerce and web content translation and localization on time and ready to sell.

Offered Technology:
Our solutions are designed to provide end clients with a better localization and translation experience. We have a solution for every need:

Corporate portal which can manage your multilingual documents and requests. Simple and complete control of the order status and cost, and your documents will always be at your disposal with just one click.

Technology solutions for website and e-commerce localization through OpenAPI or built-in Translation Connectors to customize your workflow, benefit from the best practices and make it easier to manage your translation content.

Neural Machine Translation web and API solutions.

Real-time translation and publishing proxy system with professional or machine translation. Perfect fit for your corporate websites or transaction pages.

Once clients try our solutions and services, they stay with us for the long term to maximize their globalization strategy.

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Pricing: Cost structures are adapted for every project and client to fit their budget perfectly

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