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Logrus Global Localization Cloud

"The localization interoperability cloud. The toolset portal to the future."

Our 25 years of experience with multilingual localization projects of all kinds, colors and sizes has produced a talented team that is capable of using just about any technology and working on any playground.

We have formed a dynamic project team of professionals who are based in the countries of their target languages.

We are building the Logrus Global Localization Cloud of products, services and tools that augment any proprietary software, whether installed on site or in the cloud. Check out our tools for great unique features, enabling of interoperability and feature augmentation. We can break the curse of the «time-cost-quality» triangle for you.

We love solving complex challenges by applying an agile approach, innovative tools, and our experience with solutions that we tailor to the client’s individual needs. We are not selling a «supply chain». Rather, we take pride in members of our team, who are greatly assisted by proven, reliable and trusted partners that we are honored to work with.

Offered Technology:
The interoperability and feature augmentation toolset for you to shine in the modern sky. Cloud-based and desktop tools augmenting localization and translation process based on virtually any technology.

All cloud and desktop tools listed above can be deployed, configured and used individually on the company’s intranet to meet the highest corporate security requirements:

A multi-functional TMX/TBX file editor and file format converter.

Cloud-based Translation Memory with multi-proposal TM + Multi-engine triple NMT noise cancellation and quadruple quality boost Editor.

The most powerful desktop tool for running complicated technical and linguistic quality checks (>600 checks) for bilingual files (.sdlxliff, .ttx, .xlf, .xliff), translation memories (.tmx), and custom data formats. The solid ground of more than 25 years of software localization experience.

Multi-engine cloud MT pretranslation utility helps to select the best engine from the several popular machine translation servers including engines pre-trained for spesific domains. The most important selection criteria listed below.

Easy to use, yet powerful enterprise-grade multilingual Terminology Database hosted in a public cloud or in more secured cloud deployed within corporate intranet.

Termlode Trados Connector:
The connector is a plugin for SDL Trados Studio. With the plugin, translators can access any glossary hosted at the central TermLode terminology database.

A monolingual terminology extractor — one of the best tools of this type in the world. The tool automatically extracts terms from source texts in English.

Translation Quality Evaluation service (TQE a.k.a LQA) — a cloud-based tool for measuring translation quality, outsourcing LQA tasks and hosting LQA reports is built in accordance with the most recent proceedings of ASTM International Committee F43 featuring an advanced analytic-holistic LQA methodology.

A corporate Learning Management System (LMS): simple but powerful.

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