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MittagQI – Quality Informatics

MittagQI provides Quality Informatics within the field of translation software development. By close and continuous collaboration with language service providers, industrial companies and technical solution providers worldwide MittagQI develops and extends translate5, the open source and cloud-based translation management system. Translate5 enables user-friendly translation and review workflow processes and extremely flexible integration into different content management systems and product information management systems via REST API.

Offered Technology:
Translate5 is a web-based and out-of-the box translation management system which allows real-time and visual in-context translation with track changes based on different language resources like translation memories, machine translation for instant translation and stand-alone terminology management. According to its open source software architecture users of translate5 are allowed to use and extend translate5 software code regarding their own feature needs. Due to both licenses the AGPLv3 and GPL3 users have to return new features and plug-in`s into the core product translate5. Users are also welcomed to discuss their technical interests with MittagQI who can realize them within an attractively short time span.

Every user of translate5 has the opportunity to get a free trial for 30 days. Every substantial feedback regarding translate5 is very appreciated.



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Pricing: Translate5 is open source software. The main application can be freely downloaded and used without charge. MittagQI offers translate5 hosting, payable open source plug-ins, support and custom development and integration for translate5.

Basically, the prices for translate5 hosting depend on a scaleable number of major users and the usage of special features. In every case the users get free support by the translate5 questions & answers-portal as well as by one-hour personal support per month. The basic pricing model is about 100€ monthly for one major user and 10 linguists who are allowed to use all basic features. The visual pricing model includes in addition to all basic features the special features like Visual, Track Changes and InstantTranslate. The price for the visual model is about 250 € monthly for one major user and 10 linguists.

Translate5 is web-based and needs a hosting. Users have the possibility to host translate5 themselves on premise but they also can use the cloud of MittagQI easily. Both mentioned pricing models include hosting by MittagQI – Quality Informatics, so no additional costs for hosting.

Users have the possibility to contribute and influence the software development by joining the community and concluding a support and development contract. Community members are allowed to use translate5 to an unlimited number of users, they have access to special features, they have 10 hours monthly free for questions, technical support or any other issues in terms of translate5.

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