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MotaWord is the world’s fastest human translation platform. One visit to puts at your fingertips the power to translate your content into any language, while delivering:

- Accurate, human-performed and proofread, client-ready translations of any content (documents, presentations, websites, strings of text or code)
- At half the price (cost saving of over 60%)…
- At 20x the speed (hours rather than days or weeks)…

…Compared to any translation agency you are using today.

Offered Technology:
We are the only translation service that provides all of these advantages, to every project, for every customer:

  1. Over 90 languages – there is no language pairing you would need that we cannot perform. Try us.
  2. Guaranteed availability – MotaWord’s 18,000+ translators are ready year-round.
  3. 24/7 access to quotes, project initiation, and delivery – we begin the moment you click “accept”.
  4. One-stop, simple way to order – your quote appears within minutes or seconds on the same MotaWord webpage where you landed.
  5. Translation of your text and polished editing by a MotaWord proofreader. Moreover, if you should ever need us mid-project or after viewing the delivered work product, you will have a dedicated MotaWord account manager who can help with every aspect of your translation needs. No one as fast as MotaWord offers such tailored service, and no service includes this end-to-end service in the base fee, as MotaWord does.
  6. Glossary & style guide tailored to your company’s unique voice. We also customize for each of the business units within your company.
  7. No minimum charges for projects – a tagline costs the same, low per-word rate of a high-volume project.
  8. Security and confidentiality – MotaWord protects your information. When you upload your document to MotaWord, it goes onto the same secure servers that host Dow Jones, Citrix, and SAP, with ISO 27001 certification and validated as Level 1 service provider under the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS). Unlike other translation vendors, we do not send your file by email. Our translators are vetted before we allow them onto our roster, and their activity on MotaWord’s platform is limited and monitored in ways we are happy to describe in more detail.
  9. Seamless ordering via advanced channels – an API, Google Drive or Google Chrome, WordPress and Drupal Extensions for all of your colleagues.


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Pricing: We only charge a per word price for any jobs and we have NO minimum charges. An instant quote can be obtained for documents of any type within seconds by going to

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