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Founded in 2006, Nordtext is one of the most trusted and fastest growing language service providers in the Nordic region. Headquartered in Riga, Latvia, we specialize in providing language solutions for the technical and life sciences industries.

We listen
Our team has a genuine interest in your business and the goals you want to achieve.

We are specialists
We work with the best subject matter experts in the technical and life sciences industries.

We have the experience
Our track record speaks for itself – we succesfully complete over 7000 projects every year.

We are flexible and cost-effective
Thanks to the way we tailor our solutions to your specific needs, you don’t overpay for any unnecessary extras.

We can scale
We adapt to your changing needs and have the know-how and resources to complete even the most challenging of assignments.

We are easy to do business with
From initial contact to processing an order to issuing an invoice, we are polite, efficient and pay attention to detail.

Offered Services:
Translation, Terminoly, DTP

LocHub Marketplace Nordtext
Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

Partner Information

Category: LSP

Pricing: Consistency and a cost decrease of up to 75% thanks to our expert use of the best translation memory tools on the market.

Technology: SDL Studio, memoQ, Memsource, Wordfast, and Across

Contact email:

Languages Supported: Nordtext works with a team of over 3000 linguists worldwide and together we provide language services in 75 languages. 

We specialize in delivering translations from and into European languages, and boast in-depth experience in the Nordic, Central European and Eastern European languages.


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