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Qabiria Studio SLNE

Qabiria is a translation and localization company specializing in the translation and adaptation of websites, mobile apps and technical documentation. We help software developers, webmasters, web designers and SMEs to compete in international markets by translating and adapting their content in over 20 languages. Qabiria was founded in 2008 in Barcelona, Spain, by three professional translators. Since the very beginning, the company has offered not only translation services to agencies and final customers -both in the technical and editorial field-, but also consulting services, technical support and training to language service providers. 


Real time chat, customer access for project management, extended online availability: we know that your translation is always “for yesterday”. No teleportation yet, but it's in the works.


No more copy-paste: we can keep the exact format of your file or translate directly into your CMS or database. Your valuable source code won't be touched, at no extra costs.


We have acquired a direct, 360-degree knowledge of the language industry from the point of view of translators, project managers and end clients. We care about what is important to you in every situation.

Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

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Category: Language Service Provider

Specialism: Technical, Marketing, E-commerce, Engineering, Manufacturing, Technology

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