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TradCreation Limited

What if I told you I had a brand new method to make your translations really RESONATE and CONVERT into the Spanish market?

Lower Customer Acquisition Cost
Cheaper Advertising Costs
Significantly less competition
Higher conversion rates

This market is DESPERATE for quality products and for marketing that speaks to them!

Stop getting settled with unfit translations that don't serve your marketing expectations and win a huge edge over your competition.

If your offer is successful in the English market, the Spanish Marketing Ninja will open this to a brand new market. Sit back and watch as a whole new bunch of conversions start rolling in!

But Juan, can’t I just go with any translation agency?

NO! Well, not if you want to be successful!

You see, marketing is all about resonating with your dream customer. That means speaking their language. Their slang and lingo. Their way of thinking and understanding, which a normal translation agency with a bunch of generalists claiming they know marketing (although they hate funnels) will never pick up on or speak to. All they do is try to write "creatively", but often, the core message their conversions won't convert because they don't understand how content marketing works. That’s where I come in...

Your message is well crafted in English. Let me craft that same message in Spanish, in a way that resonates with your dream customer and get them converting like crazy.

But Juan, I have a video in English, too. Subtitles won’t be enough, right?

Correct! That’s why they call me the Spanish Marketing Ninja! We will professionally hire ‘voice dubbing actors’ your video with a totally new audio track in Spanish. That means we sync this as close as possible to the movements of your mouth so it looks more natural. When you have a strong message, this market will be grateful for this extra effort and will reward you with even MORE business!

What I do:

Your Marketing Message written in a way that resonates in the local lingo;
Your videos professionally voice dubbed in Spanish
Support with marketing / adverts, etc (traffic generation)
Content Repurposed into Spanish (lead magnets)
SEO etc.

Do you have a course or info product that has generated over k? If so…

Book a FREE STRATEGY SESSION [worth $297] with the Spanish Marketing Ninja now and start tapping into this TRILLION DOLLAR market HUNGRY for your offer!

Offered Services:
Transcreation, Content Marketing, Technology Translation, General Translation, Infoproducts Translations



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Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

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Category: LSP

Pricing: From 200 USD on.

Technology: Trados/MemoQ

Contact email:

Languages Supported: English-Spanish

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