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TranslateFX - Language Services 

TranslateFX is a language service provider and technology company specializing in financial and legal translation.

The company offers translation solutions to help institutions instantly translate financial and legal documents using cutting edge artificial intelligence tools. Founded by a team of alumnus from Google, Linklaters, MIT, Tsinghua, Cornell, and London School of Economics, the company is based in Hong Kong and Silicon Valley.

Offered Services:
Financial and legal institutions. More information on request.

Financial; Legal;

Free to Enterprise Pricing

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Category: LSP & Technology Provider

Technology: Freemium services to custom enterprise pricing.
Services: Free to Enterprise Pricing

Technology: TranslateFX, Neural Machine Translation (NMT), Computer Assisted Translation (CAT), Named Entity Extraction

Contact email:

Languages Supported: English
Chinese (Simplified)
Chinese (Traditional)


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