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United Language Group 

As a language solutions partner built on quality processes and linguistic expertise, ULG is one of the world’s largest and most innovative translation, localization and interpreting providers. With offices all over the world, we’re the trusted partner for hundreds of regulated and non-regulated businesses. Delivering Total Language Confidence™ means understanding your industry, content, requirements, technology, and challenges, while aligning these with quality solutions to ensure success.

Offered Services: 
For over 20 years, United Language Group has provided the language services required to overcome language barriers in a global marketplace. With a network of 10,000+ linguists, ULG’s services include: industry-tailored translation and localization, machine translation, neural machine translation, onsite and remote interpretation, transcreation, global marketing, website translation, content connectivity, E-Learning localization, software localization, enterprise terminology, SAP consultation and localization, and multilingual desktop publishing.

Technical; Marketing; Financial; Legal; Automotive; E-commerce; Energy; Engineering; Life Science; Manufacturing; Public sector; Research/Science; Technology.


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Category: LSP

Pricing: ULG has the global scalability to provide our customers with the most competitive prices in the industry. Each solution is customized and estimated are provided on a per-project basis.

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Technology: ULG’s approach to technology is simple, our priority is interoperability. We are not bound to one piece of technology and we want to focus on allowing your cloud based applications to talk to our systems and maximizing the automation process. Simply put, we want to enable your employees to focus on their job tasks and increase the avoided labor costs associated with translations.

Languages Supported: 250+ languages


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