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 World Translation A/S

At World Translation, we are professional language experts who are passionate about helping businesses communicate. And we have the competencies, drive and ambition to deliver what we say – so your voice is heard in the marketplace.

Long-term collaborations with loyal and satisfied B2B clients in more than 30 countries is proof of the quality of our language solutions. Our business ethos is simple common sense – we seek to satisfy your business language needs and preferences every time, so you can say what you want in any language. We already do this every day.

World Translation was established in 2005, and from day one we have ensured that we remain focused on organic growth, excellent working conditions, superb service, and a steadfast commitment to quality and the use of advanced technology. World Translation is now one of the biggest Danish privately owned companies in the translation industry.

Offered services:
In addition to translations, we also offer a variety of other language services: proofreading, layout in our in-house graphics departments, terminology management, international SEO, video/multimedia, machine translation, language technology, integration solutions, language consultancy, advice/support.


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Category: LSP

Pricing: World Translation uses one of the most widely used pricing models: the price-per-word model. The total price is calculated on the basis of the number of words in the source text. You will be presented with a price matrix, with a basic per word price and some reduced rates calculated as a percentage of the basic per word price on a sliding scale. The full basic per word price is applied when you have text translated that has never been translated before. The reduced rates come into play when a translation task contains text that can be fully or partially matched with texts that you previously have had translated.

Technology: World Translation uses the latest translation technology to ensure that our clients get the best solutions – the most efficient, the most cost-effective and the highest quality. World Translation can provide you and your company with a whole portfolio of out-of-the-box connectors for various CM systems, e-commerce platforms, documentation management systems, customer service platforms and much more. By implementing a connector, you save huge amounts of time and eliminate all of the inconvenience that was involved in your old manual procedures. No more having to copy content, making it ready to send for translation, getting it back and pasting it into the correct locations again. All translations are carried out using CAT tools. We work with a variety of CAT tools such as SDL Trados Studio, STAR Transit, Across, MemSource, memoQ and SmartCat. We work with the latest versions and make sure that we follow industry developments closely. Which tool we use depends mostly on our clients' preferences. We are very proficient and experienced in working with CAT tools and make full use of their features in order to aid the translation process and find the most cost-effective solutions.

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Languages Supported: At World Translation we currently provide translations into more than 70 languages and between more than 220 language combinations. And the pool expands continuously.

We have a large international network of freelance translators. When languages are requested, which we do not yet offer, we can quickly locate the appropriate resources and expand our network further.


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