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Why we build the Hub for the Localization Industry

by Lukasz Rejter, on Jan 30, 2019 10:16:11 AM

In my previous post, I mentioned that we want to solve the industry challenge, and help integrate the content source systems with translation technology. It’s about time that we realize that we cannot work in silos anymore. The desire to connect various systems has led Xillio to create a unique developer API. But is that enough?

We spent the last three months traveling and having conversations with different important stakeholders in the localization industry. We attended the TAUS Annual Conference in Vancouver and LocWord38 in Seattle, where we won the Process Innovation Award!

We listened to the connectivity challenges of enterprises, language service providers and translation tool vendors and put their feedback into action.

So, what did we hear?
Listening-Big-EarWe know that not everybody is a developer and not every company has development capacity. We already knew that when we introduced our API, but now it became even more evident. The industry needs more than just an engine to connect all these systems. We need to provide a solution that can be easily applied into an industry wide workflow. We needed to build a user application that can be deployed without development skills.

We didn’t wait too long with conclusions and started building this application.

As we speak, we are creating an application that works on top of our API to make integrations available for everybody in the localization industry, and even broader. This new tool not only supports CMSs but also seamlessly integrates with all the translation technologies.

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