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Add testing to global content publishing processes. Drive better ROI with continuous, actionable insights into global content quality


Over 80% of global websites with multilingual content generate at least 200 or more new errors each week, including translation mistakes, localization errors, lack of content consistency, broken links, and empty webpages. Website errors and content quality contribute to a poor customer experience and negatively impact your SEO rankings – and as a consequence, reduce the effectiveness of your content and result in a lower marketing ROI.

LocHub Insights gives you an automated localization testing tool for content publishing - solving content and website quality challenges and complementing your existing marketing platforms.

Improve global website UX, boost SEO rankings

LocHub Insights is a multilingual website UX testing tool that delivers real-time intelligence, user-friendly dashboards, and an industry-first localization scoring system to help organizations find and fix flaws across their global websites. Powerful analytics and actionable data enable localization and marketing managers to drill down into multilingual content - on each webpage, for every domain, in every language - to quickly identify and fix localization inconsistencies, such as performance lags, mismatched translated content, page errors, and other local website mistakes.

Armed with Insights' powerful analytics, localization professionals can confidently present data-driven solutions to business stakeholders - from IT, marketing, and product teams - to improve local websites' performance and global customer journeys, helping to boost SEO rankings, improve global website UX, and increase visitor conversions. 


What are common causes of frequent website errors?

A number of converging, sometimes conflicting, activities often trigger recurring errors and can be at the root cause of website issues, including:

Complex content localization & publishing workflows with multiple touchpoints

Lack of cohesion among various stakeholders (e.g., customer + creative agency + translation / LSP provider)

Frequent content updates to master files and translation banks

Lack of visibility into “work-in-process” content creates version conflicts

Rapid turnaround times for product launches, brand announcements, and PR/news updates

Lack of integration across automated platforms and disconnected processes

LocHub QA Insights surfaces real-time website data and provides easy-to-interpret dashboards to help key stakeholders ensure global content quality, improve complex localization workflows, and deliver on-time, high-value web content.

Real-time data and actionable reports to quickly fix website errors

At high-level, your dashboard visualizes the overall quality of your web pages, including ranking and reporting on the type of web content, content types (4), quality of translation (5), page errors, and technical issues. This helps you not only quickly surface and fix errors but also pinpoint friction or gaps in your localization process, bottlenecks in specific workflows, and symptomatic content publishing issues.

SEO experts and content marketing managers will realize an immediate boost in SEO rankings by fixing technical issues and correcting content and translation errors.


Surface repeat issues, continuously improve localization and publishing workflows

Our QA Insights localization tool not only helps you test and publish error-free content and boost SEO in the near-term. It also is a valuable resource to support marketing professionals in implementing and managing a winning digital strategy. With QA Insight’s deep analytics, continuous learning capabilities, and ability to connect historic and real-time website data, global marketing managers can strategically view, analyze, and improve the consistency of their global website content and structures – driving better global web performance.

To further help marketing professionals correct recurring mistakes, fix bottlenecks, accelerate content globalization workflows, LocHub provides additional tools and hands-on support to streamline automated translation and localization workflows - improving the speed and quality of your content publishing process.

Together with LocHub’s suite of content automation tools, QA Insights is your portal to improving marketing ROI, achieving higher-quality web visitor engagements, and delivering better brand experiences for your customers.